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E-shops and services

Activa, it's not just office supplies. Our scope is much wider.
  • Supplies for office and companies

    We are the supplier with the widest range of office supplies, refreshments, drugstore, hygiene and cleaning products in the country. In our catalog you will find about 8 000 items, in our e-shop even more. We supply more than 15,000 subjects and deliver to more than 47,000 delivery points. We guarantee long-term price stability.

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  • School and art supplies

    We run an online shop Activáček.cz and a stone shop offering school and art supplies. We offer discounts and other benefits to schools and kindergartens. The inspiration, advice, instructions and opinions of experts are shared on the Skolnisvet.cz blog

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  • Promotion gifts

    We are engaged in complete processing of orders for promotional and gift items bearing the logo of your company. We guarantee a complete service from the delivery of the selected product in the required quantity, through graphic design, quality logo processing to free shipping to the destination.

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  • Fine writing instruments

    Be inspired by the world of top brand writing instruments and choose from the wide range the right model that best describes your lifestyle and personality, or best suits as a gift for someone close or business partner. You can choose from the e-shop or one of the physical stores.

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  • Furniture, lamps and carpets

    Stockist is an original concept of selling furniture, lighting fixtures, carpets and accessories for demanding customers. We choose from design innovations from prestigious brands as well as timeless classic models. You can view and order at the e-shop or in the huge showroom in Vinohrady Pavilion.

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  • Brand distribution and retail services

    We are a direct importer and official distributor for the Czech Republic of world brands such as Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Moleskine, Maped, Faber-Castell, Schneider, Walker, Pigna, Sharpie or Elmer's. And we are also a reliable supplier of school, art, creative and office supplies for retail.

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