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There are several reasons to shop with us.
Choosing the right supplier will save you a lot of work and worries.
  1. The widest assortment

    office supplies, refreshments, hygiene and cleaning supplies in the Czech Republic guarantee high coverage of your orders. We normally work with more than 25,000 items in our warehouse management. It is not necessary to have a number of suppliers and process a large number of invoices from different companies, we will deliver everything from paper clip to office chair.

    In our offer at ou will find an even wider range than in the printed catalog, supplemented with seasonal goods and novelties, which are included in the offer during the validity of the catalog. Product information in the e-shop is supplemented with other product features, image gallery and product videos.
  2. Fast delivery

    We have goods in large quantities in stock. We will deliver your order the next working day after ordering.
  3. Dodávka Activa

    Free transport

    Orders are delivered free of charge. For orders less than 1790 CZK, we charge a fee of 130 CZK. We use our own fleet for transport. Drivers are our employees, which simplifies the return or exchange process. They will be happy to deliver the goods to individual offices.
  4. Price transparency

    In the catalog we list prices, which are valid for one year. So you always have a simple check on how much you buy.

  5. Available from 1 piece or all over the package

    It is up to you whether you want to buy in one piece and save space in the office, or if you want to save the environment, and vice versa to buy all over the logistics package. Choose for yourself what suits you better. We will adapt to you. 
  6. Guarantee of quality products of reputable brands

    Our offer consists of traditional Czech products as well as quality products of European and world brands, often with an extended warranty period. You can also choose between an economical and representative product design. More than 30% of the offered assortment consists of own imports.
  7. Non-standard items

    Did you not choose 300 pens from our offer? For our customers we will try to provide even the three hundred and first.

  8. Warranty and post-warranty service

    If necessary, in case of a device purchased at us, we can arrange a visit from a service technician, or we can pick up the device and take it to a service center. We always cooperate only with authorized service centers of the respective brands.

  9. Possibility to return incorrectly ordered goods

    If you make a mistake and order other goods or the wrong quantity, you have the option of returning them (in the original packaging) at no cost at any time:

    - office supplies within 14 days
    - refreshments and office equipment within 2 days

  10. Simple communication

    Everything from special orders to complaints is handled by one sales representative and one assistant. So you always know exactly who to contact.

  11. Electronic data interchange

    We provide you with a sophisticated variable purchasing and logistics system, therefore, an integral part of our services is also information support of all process operations associated with the purchase. We can provide our customers with an internal catalog in html environment, direct import of orders into our system based on data exchange, export of complete assortment in electronic form, for example to SAP, Navision, Oracle, etc.

    We are also able to provide our services through standard electronic markets such as Ariba, Hubwoo, etc.

  12. Elektronická fakturace

    Electronic invoicing

    We offer our customers sending documents in electronic form, in pdf format with electronic mark. It is a modern, simple, efficient and ecological way of invoicing, which is fully in accordance with the valid laws of the Czech Republic.

    I want to learn more about electronic invoicing

  13. ISO certification

    The quality of our services is proven by international certificates:

    - ISO 9001: 2016 Quality management system
    - ISO 14001: 2016 Environmental Management System
    - ISO 18001: 2007 OSH Management System
    - ISO 27001: 2014 Information Security Management System
    - ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System

  14. Additional services

    We will arrange for you the supply of promotional gifts and corporate printed materials according to your individual requirements.

  15. Bonus program

    You earn points for your shopping with us, for which you can then choose many attractive gifts from the Activa Plus loyalty program.


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