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Actively for nature

Simple steps to protect the environment



We have the need to minimalize the burdon on our environment and that lead us to conrete action. We want to encourage all who have this feeling we share.

  • we hold a certificate of ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system which among other things means that our company complies with the procedures up to environmentally friendly
  • we hold a certificate of EKO-KOM confirming the conclusion of the combined transactions in which you arrange the return of toners and cartridges and other disposal
  • we hold a certificate of REMA that shows our performance obligation of separate collection, re-collection, processing, recovery and disposal of electrical and electronic
  • within our company we use recycled paper towels, efficient bulbs, presses for PET bottles, internal mail envelopes to 10 use recycled packaging materials, etc.
  • we sort waste
  • we are continuously modernizing own fleet, we strive to optimize the route and use most of the capacity of our vehicles
  • in our catalog see specially marked environmentally friendly products that can be in our e-shop separately and create a filter from a special catalog
  • we have implemented electronic invoicing for tax documents in electronic form and send it via e-mail, maintain an electronic archive in the context of our website
  • we use e-store delivery notes and tax documents
  • we are supporting the recovered organic school competition "Grand Prix of Nestlé and Czech collection of raw materials"